We, students !


Nestor, Aaron, Benjamin and Rafiki are economics undergraduates at the University of Bangui. Navigating between overcrowded classrooms, odd jobs that allow students to survive and bribery lurking everywhere, Rafiki shows us what students lives are like in the Central African Republic, a shattered society where the youth keep on dreaming for a brighter future for their country.


Rafiki Fariala, whose right name is Fariala Alolea Albert, arrived in early in Central African Republic where his parents took refuge because of the war in DRC. As an entirely self-taught talent, he embarked on musical composition. In 2013, under the pseudonym Rafiki-RH20, he recorded his first song Why war? which became a hit. In 2017, he was selected to participate in a documentary workshop hosted in Bangui by Ateliers Varan. At the end of the workshop, he made his debut film Mbi na Mo (Toi et moi), showed at many festivals.