Travel, Reception, Accommodation and Catering

Welcoming, accommodating, and catering: 2-month efforts for the comfort of festival-goers.

With a reception system that has been in place for some days at the airport of Ouagadougou, festival-goers are certain to be in the care of the Commission upon arrival.
Accommodation and catering sites are identified andready to welcome guests according to François AKOUABA, President of the Reception, Accommodation and Catering Commission.
Demands from some hotels have often required the Commission to refresh its list of accommodation sites. Although the main difficulty encountered is the lack of seats on aircrafts for the expected last festival-goers, the Commission has been working hard to satisfy all festival-goers.
The Travel, Accommodation and Catering Commission has already welcomed and accommodated approximately one hundred guests for this 28th Pan-African Cinema Biennial.