On 9 April 1989, after another clash between Mauritanian herders and Senegalese farmers on the Senegalese border at Diawara, there was an incredible escalation of violence in both countries.

These events resulted in thousands of victims and tens of thousands of refugees.

Thirty years after the conflict, the wounds have not yet healed.

In Dagana, Senegal, on the border of the two countries, I bring together forty protagonists, witnesses and victims, under the palaver tree, to look back on these events on both sides of the river, in order to understand what really happened, and to try to take a step towards reconciliation together.


Alassane Diago was born in 1985 in Agnam Lidoubé, Senegal. After completing an audiovisual training course in Dakar in 2007, he took several courses in directing techniques and scriptwriting, notably with the documentary filmmaker Samba Félix Ndiaye. He worked on various film sets, including Lili-et-le baobab directed by Chantal Richard, before directing his first feature-length documentary, Les Larmes de l’émigration (2010), which won several awards. Alassane Diago now lives in Paris.