The 20th MICA opens its Doors

MICA has settled down at the FESPACO Headquarters this year. This framework for the promotion of African cinema and exchange between producers, distributors, project proponents and broadcasters during the festival has innovated. MICA 2021 is now part of the FESPACO professional section known as FESPACO PRO which includes, in addition to MICA, the Yennenga Workshops, Yennenga Liboni, and Yennenga Connection. FESPACO PRO aims to support the various filmmaking segments and is opened to film producers and distributors, streaming platform operators, broadcasters, African film festivals, national, regional and international institutions and bodies financing African cinema, and creation and coproduction support mechanisms. Adjaratou Bancé, Director of MICA 2021 said this is an opportunity that FESPACO provides for African cinema and audio-visual professionals to reflect on the various profession of the industry. MICA helps establish links between international buyers and sellers of African film and audio-visual works. In addition to business meetings, MICA 2021 will host, up to 22 October, roundtables, master classes, and an international colloquium on the theme of the current FESPACO edition.

Boureima PASSERE