Geoffrey, 35, an introverted English teacher has just been released from prison after 7 years for killing his pregnant girlfriend. He has to restart his life in Shimoni, a sleepy village in rural Kenya, a place he loathes. There he stays with a rigid local Catholic priest, who is happy to take on this sinner. One Sunday after Mass, Geoffrey encounters BABA KARE, 50. On seeing the man, Geoffrey pees his pants and in a moment of rage kills one of the Priest’s calves. Days later he meets BEATRICE, 19, a cheeky village girl, who instantly falls for him and decides to pursue him. KIMANTHI, 40, Geoffrey’s brother visits, their father is dead and Geoffrey is prohibited from attending the funeral. Geoffrey destroyed, attacks his brother and during this altercation it comes out that Baba Kare sexually abused both men when they were boys, in this village. Geoffrey must get his revenge on Baba Kare. He starts to tutor his daughter as a way to get closer to him. But something unexpected happens when he starts to get close to his abuser.