Salia, l’enfant de Satan


She doesn’t want her husband to have a voice in their household so that he will not give chores to Salia, while her biological son Alain lives like a prince. It’s rivalry all the time. She goes to a witch doctor to kill Salia so that she doesn’t have anything to inherit. Unfortunately, her son falls victim, another reason for charging Salia.


Patrick KALUTA has made two documentaries (La rivière Kalimabenge in 2014 and Mai ya moto in 2017), two animated films (Salia, la fille de l’est in 2016 and La montre de chez nous in 2019) and three fictionals (L’heure de la vérité in 2015; La vie dans la main in 2016 and La montre de chez nous in 2018).