Reine du Guera


It all starts when her sick mother could not accompany her to the watering hole. She then takes it upon herself to go alone to the dangerous “Chasm of the Mountains”. On the way, she met Kolima, the sorcerer’s daughter, and Ghizarbo the monitor, who were on their way to a village meeting. Curious, she followed them and learned that the king’s son, Prince Dubal, was looking to get married. He was looking for the future princess. Only Doulassi met the recommended criteria. As she would have to return home before sunset, she hurried to fetch water. But Kolima and her sidekick decided to accompany her. Since then, no one has seen her. She vanished into thin air.


Khalil SALMA is a versatile self-taught artist of pictorial expression. She is a photojournalist and a consultant in graphic design, but she is also a visual artist. She draws her inspiration from the secular cultures of Africa and that of her country in particular. As a designer, she integrates her ancestral signature in her works where innovation and art are mixed. While working as a computer graphics designer in a cell phone company, she discovered the first basics of balloon animation through her curiosity. She who has always made frozen images, discovers through this learning an innovative experience.

In 2018, she trains herself through tutorials she finds on the Internet and gradually adapts a childhood tale into an animated film that she entitled “Queen of Guera” in homage to this mythical mountain of her native land, symbol of goodness as well as authenticity in the feminine. The following months, she adapted the comic strip “The Hassan family” into animation. Khalil’s advertising animations are often broadcast on Chadian national television.