More innovations, the Headquarters takes on a new face.

FESPACO 2023 includes innovative touches that give a new shine to the Headquarters with names of the various winners of the Etalon de Yennenga opening the steps to you at the FESTIVAL Office.

Vice-President of Communication and Publications Commission Gervais HIEN talks about these quite striking innovations at the headquarters.

The Stairs
“Indeed, there are innovative touches at the headquarters. On the steps of the stairs, one can actually see the names of the great figures of African cinema. These are basically the Etalons de Yennenga. The curious have an interest in visiting, in particular the younger generation who are not familiar with all those who have made the history of African cinema”.

The Wall Portraits
“Currently in the hall, we can immediately distinguish, and it is striking, personalities
who have marked African cinema. We have the great names of the Etalons de Yennenga previously displayed on the walls in the corridor of the institution. Upstairs you will see photographs of the various winners of the Etalon on photo frames. In paying them tribute, we also promote them. These are interesting frames because they are memories for all movie-goers and filmmakers”.

The Poster of 2023 Edition
“The official visual represents Queen Sarraounia, a fighter, a warrior during the colonial
period and who had to face the invasion of the Voulet Chanoine column. By her courage and dedication, she marked history. So today it is appropriate that with the context in which we live, we can indeed highlight these figures insofar as it can inspire current generations. Faced with the adversities that beset us, we must never
give up”.