Marcher sur L’Eau / Walking on water


Houlaye, 12 years-old, lives in a village in Tatis, Niger. She walks for several kilometers every day to fetch water. It is abundant during rainy season, but not found during the dry season. However, two hundred meters below the surface, there is a water source that goes far beyond their imagination. Houlaye’s aunt Suri convinced an NGO to drill a well in the village. It is the promise of a new life for those men and women who, unknowingly, had been walking on water forever.


Aïssa MAÏGA is a French actress born in Dakar, Senegal. She was revealed to the French public for her role in Les Poupées russes by Cédril Klapish. Since then, she played leading female roles in L’Âge d’homme… maintenant ou jamais! (2007), “The Lawyer” (2010), The time for the fair is over (2010), Ready for anything (2013) and He already has your eyes (2017). Aïssa MAÏGA is very involved in NGOs works. Amongst others she is the part of the AMREF, an African NGO dedicated to the training of medical personnel for mother and child care. Walking on water is her first film as a director.