Les Palimpseste


Iba, 9 years old, not-yet-teenager-but-almost-teenager, is athletic, passionate and full of energy, but she has trouble accepting limits. Emeka, her 8 year old brother, is curious and clever, and makes an effort to assert himself and take his place. They are children like there are in all families: lively and endearing, adorable, crossed by the emotions and questionings of their age. But what Iba and Emeka have more, is Mamie Palimpseste. A super funny and super creative grandmother, very clever, hyperactive and full of common sense. To answer her grandchildren’s questions and problems, this incredible grandmother takes them on a journey through time that plunges them into stories from a more or less distant past: that of the heroes of Africa. Episode after episode, these extraordinary adventures enrich our little heroes in the present and help them grow up.


Ingrid AGBO, a Togolese, is an author-producer who is in line with those who want to create and produce without limits of genres, for any audience, whether it is confidential or popular. The social changes and morals are, among others, the themes that motivate her commitment to films. For her, diversity in creations is above all the diversity of creators.