Le sermon des prophètes


Faced with increasingly frequent and deadly attacks by armed groups since January 2016, Burkina Faso is also experiencing intercommunal clashes. Attacks by jihadist groups have caused nearly two million people to flee their homes, closed more than 4,000 schools and killed thousands of Burkinabè.
Abdou Djamal, about 50 years old, is the leader of an armed group that poses as a gold digger and a devout Muslim. Djamal is a strategist and a self-confident manipulator. He plans and directs, from his home in the city, all the operations and armed attacks perpetrated by Walid Jafar, his field man, against the civilian population.
Zakaria is a teenager, 15 years old. Internally displaced, Zakaria lives with his mother in the same neighborhood as Djamal, he is an orphan, his father was killed by the commando of Djamal. His father was killed by Djamal’s commando. Now that he and his mother are internally displaced, Zakaria’s new activity is collecting garbage with a cart. His destiny will change the day Djamal decides to take him in after a work accident.