The return of Soundiata’s emissary announces a challenge from Djolofin Mansa. To take up this challenge, the warlords present themselves as volunteers, including Tiramakan.


A graduate of the “Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers Multimédia Balla Fasseke Kouyate” in Bamako, Negueba TRAORE is a young man with a passion for animated films, which led him to study multimedia. In addition to the classic fields such as photography, video, graphic design… Negueba focused more on learning the techniques of 2D and 3D film animation. To perfect his level, he undertook training courses in several production companies, and accumulated training through the Internet, before landing at “Vortexgroups”, which accompanied him in the realization of his first animated film in 3D, entitled “The Affront” which deals with the story of a warrior chief of the Mali empire. Negueba intends to produce films based on original African stories, in order to enhance them, safeguard them and make them available to the rest of the world.