La symbolique du butin/The symbolic of loot


The king of Mangou goes to war against the fearsome army of the kingdom of noon. He first consults the supreme master for his help to win the war. The supreme master consents on the condition that he brings him back as a sacrifice the symbolic of the entire war loot.


Kossi Messan AKODA’s taste for drawing as he was still a child led him into directing short animation films after his studies. In 2018, he directed his first short La malice de la bête (FESPACO 2019 official selection). La Symbolique du Butin has been selected at Make Art not War Teaser Film Festival in 2020 in California and at Silicon Valey African Film Festival in 2020. AKODA attended Durban Talent and Durban FilmMart in 2020 with his feature project La choisie