While flying over the miles for several days, a seagull lands in a village whose name it does not know and from which emerges a musical tune. The author of this melody is Awa. For her, music has become a way to soften her pain and not to see the harsh reality that her village is facing: pollution and the proliferation of jellyfish that have caused the disappearance of turtles and more precisely Soula7fet, her best friend.


Nadia RAIS was born in Tunis where she obtained a master’s degree in art sciences and techniques at the School of Fine Arts in Tunis. As a visual artist, she participates in several exhibitions such as Imago Mundi (Luciano Benetton Collection), she resides at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris and produces in parallel short animation films “L’Ambouba”, “L’Mrayet”, “Survival visa”, “Briska” and “Kendila”. Nadia RAIS uses an artistic technique developed in her films as well as in her paintings and which, in its evolution during several residencies, confirms well her style.