Film funding: The European Union contributes through its ACP/EU Culture programme

FESPACO Pro is intended to be a new dynamic of funds for African cinema and the emergence of new talents. This is what transpired from the MICA opening ceremony yesterday 26 February 2023. In this context, the ACP-EU cooperation is a possible solution, according to EU Ambassador to Burkina Faso, Mr.
Wolfram Vetter, by way of introduction to the inaugural conference of FESPACO Pro.
“Behind the coat of arms, cinema is a difficult career”, he adds. In fact, funding for the production and making of cinematographic works is one of the major challenges. The European Union is trying to contribute through its ACP/EU Culture programme, with grants allocated to existing coproduction
funds. Set up by the Organization of Africa, Caribbean and Pacific States and funded by the European Union, the ACP-EU Culture programme aims to boost the competitiveness of cultural and creative industries in ACP countries, through call for proposals.