Divine, a young beautiful and intelligent girl aspires to complete her studies, become a doctor and a valuable and useful woman in life. The only issue is that her parents cannot afford to make her dream come true. Rather, they marry her to a suitor in order to reduce the number of children to feed and satisfy the appetite for luxury. Things turn bad as Divine realizes that the man who pretended to be a doctor is none other than an angel-faced criminal.


Flavienne TCHATAT trained in TV and stage production management, acting and directing at South African State Theatre in Pretoria. She began her career as an artist in 2009 performing leading roles in several plays and appearing in such series as Generation and Isidingo. In 2011, she made her directional debut with Dangerous Trend. In 2018, she produced her 52-episode series called Divine. Flavienne was twice nominated for Canal 2’or (2017-2019) in the Best Actress category.