Boyi biyo – Double poumon


They are called Boyi Biyo, or ‘double lung’: they are meat rickshaw drivers. Every morning, they wait at the slaughterhouse for their rickshaws to be filled with large quarters of meat. Then they run through the city to their master butcher. Shilo is one of them. He runs and runs every day. Because Shilo also has a dream: to win the Bangui marathon.


Anne-Bertille Ndeysseit VOPIANDE studied Human Ressouces Management at the University. After graduating in 2017, she attended the first Varan Workshop in the Central African Republic where she made her first short documentary film I a wali. In 2018, she served as assistant electrician on the shooting of Camille by Boris LOJKINE. In 2018-2019, she attended the second Varan Workshop, making her second documentary Boyi Biyo-Double lung.