Can you see us?


The film is about a boy born with Albinism his rejected by his father, and we follow his story of love loss and his rise to stardom. It essentially is a becoming of age story of a boy born with Albinism.

What we are hoping for you to see is a feature film I worked on it’s called Can They See Us, I believe this will open a discussion and also change the perceptions of Identity.


Kenny Mumba is a Visual Creative Director with over 15 years, experienced working with creative arts in production management / directing across the African continent.

With 10 years Plus working on several brands across Africa. Founder of K-Roc Pictures. Country reach Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ethiopia and many more that add to the rich African directive style that Kenny Possess.

His in-depth understanding of African youth culture and consumer behaviour has been recently relied on in several African Markets; Uganda Waragi , Wahl South Africa, Facebook South Africa, KFC South Africa, Airtel (UG/Zambia/Tanzania), Vodacom Tanzania South Africa, Standard Bank South Africa, Absa, Coca Cola, Safaricom, Super Sports PSL, GOTV, FNB, Ab InBev (Mosi), MTN and more.