Dans la maison / A way home


Après des années de séparation, un cinéaste renouvelle sa relation avec sa mère Aïcha souffrante maintenant de la maladie d’Alzheimer. De Bruxelles à Tanger, l’odyssée d’une famille marquée par l’exil est évoquée à travers la discrétion et la confession, la douleur, le chagrin et la joie.


Karima Saïdi holds a degree from INSAS in film editing and script continuity as well as a Master’s degree in screenwriting and analysis from ULB. She has worked as an editor for Belgian television (RTBF) since 1997. In 2013, she created Murmurs et 10 voix, a series of sound portraits of Moroccan immigrants in Brussels. In 2016, she directed a short documentary, Aïcha, an evocation of her mother’s death, a prelude to A Way Home, her first feature-length documentary. She is a lecturer in the film departments of INSAS in Brussels and ESAV in Marrakech.