L’envoyée de Dieu


Over here the suicide bomber is chosen by chance and subjected to funeral rites to accomplish God’s work. This morning the messenger of God is 12-year-old Fatima. Dropped off in a village market, wearing an explosive belt marked 10 minutes to kill the enemies of God. Fatima realizes that this is the market where her mother sells, and where she also rediscovers life. For 9 minutes, it’s an inner journey during which she swings from present to past.


Director and producer Amina Abdoulaye Mamani made her debut in cinema with the African Documentary Film Forum in Niamey, after studying audio-visual production at IFTIC in Niamey. With her graduation documentary film Le Hawan idi, she won the best school documentary film prize at FESPACO 2013. In 2014, she made Le silence des papiers, selected at APT African Film Festival. In 2018, she directed Sur les traces de Mamani Abdoulaye, which was selected and awarded at several festivals.