YENNENGA ACADEMY is a FESPACO programme for young African cinema talents. It provides a great opportunity for youth to discover their overall “future” working environment, and interact with professionals.

YENNENGA ACADEMY makes it possible for the younger generation to better understand the film industry environment and its challenges, and interact with established professionals attending each FESPACO edition.

YENNENGA ACADEMY is a platform bringing together “aspiring filmmakers” to create or prepare the ground for new initiatives and collaboration, promoting the emergence of tomorrow’s cinema figures.

After the first edition that brought together fifteen (15) young people from seven (7) West African countries, the second edition of YENNENGA ACADEMY intends to strengthen its presence in the African film landscape by opening up to the whole continent.



  • Master classes around various cinema professions: Production, Direction, Script writing, Distribution, Film Critics, etc.
  • Immersion and exchange times with professionals
  • Exchanges on various themes and subjects relating to cinema

This edition’s YENNENGA ACADEMY is structured around four (4) sessions, including:

1- The Filmmakers Session: This session focuses on daily meetings with directors, producers and other internationally renowned professionals of the industry for exchanges on various issues related to cinema and its challenges.

2- The Industry Session: during this session, participants are offered an opportunity to increase their knowledge of the industry, interacting with distributers, acquisition officials, marketing specialists, sales agents, exhibitors, as well as producers and film funds representatives and institutions. In addition to acquiring specific skills, another opportunity is provided to build up a solid network of contacts, an essential element for anyone aspiring to join any of the industry professions.

3- The Critics Session: This programme includes round tables with festival guests and workshops with film journalists, publishers, publicists and other professionals present at FESPACO. The purpose of this session is to introduce future film critics to their future work as prescribers.

4- The Curatoring Session:  This session will involve programmers, festival artistic directors, and artistic advisers attending the festival for training sessions for future “festival curators” in Africa. Indeed, despite the large number of film festivals across the continent, very few have artistic directors to guide their artistic vision and programming choices.


YENNENGA ACADEMY II will welcome fifteen (15) participants from across the African continent.


Programme eligibility requirements

– Between 18 and 32 years of age

– Speak French or English fluently


 Registration period

19 July to 30 September 2022

 Application documents

To be considered for the selection, applicants must:

  • register here  and provide the information requested.
  • Upload the material onto the platform

Documents required:

  • A curriculum vitae
  • A letter of intent specifying applicant’s needs and expectations
  • A letter of recommendation from a film agency
  • An I.D photo.



A selection committee chaired by the Festival Manager shall be responsible for selecting the participants. The committee’s decisions shall be final and irrevocable.

The results of the selection will be announced via official channels (web site, Email, etc.)


  • Cover the costs for accommodation and catering of successful applicants during their stay in Ouagadougou

NB: FESPACO will not cover transport costs. Successful applicants are kindly invited to liaise with film institutions in their countries of origin or any other agencies for their travel expenses.

  • Cover the participation costs of successful participants for the workshop
  • Assist to the best each of the participants through customized support.


Successful applicants will receive a commitment form to be completed and returned to the Management of FESPACO.

Receipt by the Festival of the completed and signed form implies legal acceptance to be present all through the programme and its activities. Acceptance is considered final and binding.


Participation in the YENNENGA ACADEMY workshop implies unconditional adherence to this Regulation.

The Festival Manager shall reserve the right to settle any situation not covered by this Regulation and to derogate from it in specific and justified circumstances. In the event of a dispute over the interpretation of this Regulation, the original French version shall prevail.