Official competition

With around 100 films on an edition basis, the official selection provides a detailed overview of the present and future of filmmaking in Africa, whether by well-established directors or young promising talents.

The competition magnifies diversity and productivity across the continent. It aims to catch off-guard, entertain and enrich both the audience and professionals. It reflects and relates to the world in which we live. The official competition will include the following six (6) sections:

Fictional section

FESPACO’s 15-film fiction competition is the center of attention at the festival and presents the continent’s most prominent film selection, sparking lively discussions and debates.

Documentary section

The selected works challenge the traditional forms of documentary cinema and, at the same time, challenge the audience to reflect on their perceptions and the relevance of this cinema of reality.

Animation section

This section, introduced in 2019, makes the continent vibrate to the rhythm of animation by highlighting the dynamism and creative wealth of this sector.

FESPACO series

The “Fespaco Séries” program offers a glimpse of exceptional new series productions from the African continent and its diaspora.

School films section

This section offers a panorama of first films, short films, testifying to the vivacity and vitality of African film schools today…

FESPACO shorts

The Fespaco shorts are open to all genres, styles and contents. It is a selection of about sixty films, which dares and opens new references…