Yennenga Post-Prod




Professionals of the film and audio-visual industry are informed that, as part the 29th Edition of the Pan-African Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou (FESPACO) taking place from 22 February to 1st March 2025, entries for the third edition of YENNENGA POST-PRODUCTION are on from 5 April to 31 October 2024.

YENNENGA POST-PRODUCTION is an initiative by FESPACO to provide support for the post-production of African and Diaspora films. It is meant for directors, male and female, with a debut or second feature film project (fiction or documentary), in finishing phase.

The overall purpose of YENNENGA POST-PRODUCTION is to provide active support for the completion of African and Diaspora film projects, enable producers and directors to show their films in the process of production to professionals and international distributors in order to facilitate the post-production of such films and promote co-production partnerships and access to the international market.

YENNENGA POST-PRODUCTION is open to all filmmakers from Africa and Diaspora.  Eight (8) projects will be selected and supported and presented to an audience of professionals and decision-makers from all over the world.

Admission requirements:

  • the film project must not have showed at a previous edition of YENNENGA POST-PRODUCTION Workshop;
  • works submitted must be films in finishing stage made by African or Diaspora filmmakers;
  • only feature films (fiction or documentary) of 60 minutes minimum will be accepted;
  • filmmakers with projects must be in their debut or second feature film project;
  • a director can only participate in YENNENGA POST-PRODUCTION Workshop with one single project;
  • a producer can only participate in YENNENGA POST-PRODUCTION Workshop with a maximum of two projects;
  • Films shot in a language other than French or English must be sub-titled in one of these languages;

Submission to other sections of the Festival

Submission to YENNENGA POST-PRODUCTION Workshop excludes any other submission to another official section of the Festival the same year.

Application package:

Applicants to YENNENGA POST-PRODUCTION Workshop must provide:

  • a synopsis;
  • a note of intent of the director;
  • a note of intent of the producer;
  • a bio-filmography of the director;
  • a photo of the director, (JPEG 300 dpi format);
  • a bio-filmography of the producer;
  • photos and a visual of the film (portrait and landscape, JPEG 300 dpi format);
  • name and address of the production company;
  • a letter of motivation specifying the post-production needs and expectations of the film;
  • total budget of the film indicating the amount required to complete the film;
  • a download and viewing link of the film, valid until 31 March 2025,
  • a letter of approval co-signed by authors (director/producer).

NB: Only completed applications will be considered by the selection committee.

Deadline for submission of film projects tor YENNENGA POST-PRODUCTION is 31 October 2024 at 23h59mn the latest via the platform by clicking here and implies full acceptance of the participation conditions and Regulation of the 3rd  edition of YENNENGA POST-PRODUCTION.



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