In this tale, halfway between reality and fantasy, a mysterious narrator tells us the story of Amani, a young boy passionate about dance. Amani’s innocence and joie de vivre open the narrator’s eyes to the humanity he had never really cared about before. But as the night begins to rumble, Amani’s joie de vivre disappears to give way to his pain, which echoes in the silence of the plain.


After studying directing in New-York, Alliah FAFIN directed music videos for Dominique Fils-Aimé, as well as promotional videos for artists such as Rafael Lozano Hemmer (Winner of the Governor General’s Awards in Visual and Media Arts). She left Quebec in 2016 for Chad, where she worked with UNICEF on the production of several videos illustrating the problems encountered by local populations, Nigerian refugees and Central African returnees. In 2018, she shot her first short film Amani in Chad, which was inspired by her experience in Burundi.